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Thought Life
by Janie Buck
Topic: Mysteries
Date: 01.16.2007
Do you ever wonder why the Lord allowed the temple in Jerusalem to be destroyed? And why it was never rebuilt? In the New Testament Jesus gives the reason. In fact He predicted that the temple would be destroyed.

The first permanent temple where the presence of the Lord dwelt was built by King Solomon in Jerusalem. People went there to worship God. That temple was destroyed and rebuilt only to be destroyed again in Israelís wars. It was permanently destroyed by the Romans 70 years after Jesus died. This was done so men would never again seek God in a physical place.

During His life on earth Jesus identified His body as the Temple. (John 2:19) Also He taught that when a person becomes a Christian He would come and live in them thus making their body His temple. Paul wrote about this: ďDo you not know that you are Godís temple and that Godís Spirit dwells in you?Ē (I Cor. 3:16)

We should be careful what we allow to enter our body whether it comes in through our eyes, ears or mouth. Mental images that are not pure can corrupt our thoughts just like bad food or drink can make our bodies sick. Keep your thought life clean by reading wholesome literature and watching decent movies and TV. Ask the Lord to protect you when sinful thoughts come into you mind. There is an old saying that we canít keep birds from flying over our head but we can keep them from building a nest in our hair. That is a truism for sinful thoughts.
Jesus loves me! even me!
by Janie Buck
Topic: Mysteries
Date: 02.06.2008
Do you remember singing the little song "Jesus Loves me"? The reason we know He loves us is "the Bible tells me so." It is God's Word and He preserved the writings of the prophets and kings in Old Testament times and the writing of the Apostles of Jesus Christ in New Testament times so that we could know Him and understand how much He loves the world. His love is not a general good will but specific love for every person on earth.

God loves you! In fact He loves you and me so much He made the way for us to come to Him.

Our problem that separates us from God is we are all sinners. Everyone knows they make mistakes and deliberately do wrong things just because we want to. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." We have a guilty conscious because we are guilty. This is why God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place.

Knowing this not enough. We must confess our sins to Father God and ask Him to forgive us on the basis that Jesus died for our sins. Then we pray, "Thank you Jesus that you died for all my sins. Please come into my heart, forgive me and live here in my heart with me so you can help me do what is right in Father's eyes."

Once in an art class I made a clay figure of a clown. I was very proud of my work and still have it. One day I looked at it and realized how people could make a figure by carving it of wood or clay and admire their handiwork so much they decided there was something supernatural about it. Maybe the parents warned their children not to touch it or play with it. Gradually they may have decided it was their god.

There was an idol maker I read about who looked at his hands and thought, "My hands have made these gods so my hands are more important that the things I make. I will seek the God who made my hands." It wasn't long before a missionary brought the true gospel to him and he trusted in the living God.

God is real and He is present right where you are. Invited Him into your heart. Confess you sins as soon as you are aware that you have "done it again." That is repeated an action you swore you would never do again. We all fail and the Lord will not be surprised when we confess. Simply admit your sin and claim the blood of Jesus that covers all our sins. Then give thanks and praise.

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