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by Janie Buck
Date: 03.23.2008
We celebrated the death and resurrection of the Son of God this week. My heart and soul was refreshed and I pray yours was too.

Faith is Jesus Christ gives purpose and meaning to life on earth and assurance of life in heaven forever. He really did die for our sins, and now the holy harmless and undefiled Son of God is reigning in heaven and in the hearts of all who have put their faith in Him and invited Him into their life as Lord and Savior.

One day He is going to say "Enough!" and bring and end to sinful man. In the time we have left I want to make sure all my friends and family put their faith in the Lord Jesus. If you are a Christian I know you have this same desire. If you aren't don't wait another minute. Pray right now and ask Him to forgive you sins and come into your heart.

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