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Same Kind Of Different As Me
by Janie Buck
Date: 10.31.2009
This is a true story of two men, one rich and white and the other black and homeless. It is written from both their points of view. At first this was confusing until I realized it was two stories woven together.

The book is inspirational and emotionally gripping story of faith, fortitude and friendship of two very different men. The wife of the rich white man had a heart to help the "down-and-outers." She and her husband started working in a rescue mission. The wife really loved the poor but the husband at first only loved his wife and just went along with her plans to help. But his heart was changed and they both were instrumental in reaching a black man who had a very hard life.

I think you will love this book. One reviewer said it is "the most inspirational and emotionally gripping story of faith, fortitude, and friendship I have ever read." I can say, "Me too."

This is a true story that will encourage you to use the limitless power of the love of God to help others.

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