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Five Characteristics of Faith
by Janie Buck
Topic: Faith
Date: 05.06.2008
(1) A sense of our helplessness and nothingness as we come to our Father with our request is the right approach to Him. Sometimes we act like a two year old who tells his mother, "I can do it myself!" Often we don't ask God's help until we are completely frustrated with our attempts to "Do it myself."

(2) We must have assurance that we are in God's will and plan for our life. "If you want to know what God wants you to do just ask Him" (Living Bible).

(3) We must consecrated our self completely to the Lord for His will and plan. We take our place in Him for whatever life throws at us. "Your will, O God, not mine for I am Thine, and you are my protector."

(4) Daily we must feed ourself on the promises of God for faith comes by hearing the Word of God. He guides us through the written Word, the Bible, and by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

(5) Then according to His leading we dare to act apart from all feelings, recognizing the faithfulness of our Father.

Living faith is an action of my will in harmony with the Word of God. I act on the faithfulness of God for wisdom to know and do His will. And I count on the faithfulness of God who said, "I will never leave you or forsake you."

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