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Joy in Marriage
by Janie Buck
Topic: Marriage
Date: 08.04.2005

In the early spring my mom took us for a walk in the woods to find the first violets. We ate the first one we found for it was supposed to bring good luck. When our small hands were full of sweet violets, we trudged home delighted with our treasures.

Marriage can be as traumatic as a forest fire or as sweet as a bunch of purple violets. A bad marriage can be turned into a great marriage if we follow the rules. Ah! Maybe you didn’t know there were any rules. And who set up them them? And what right does anyone have to tell me how to be a happy wife or husband?

It’s simple. But most of the world doesn’t know the answer. I have good news. I have found the answer and am willing to share it with you.

Marriage started at the dawn of creation. Almighty God created the world and everything in it. He made a man to take care of the garden where He placed him. He brought all the animals to the man and let him give them names. Each male and female animal could reproduce their kind. But there was no female counterpart for the man. So the Lord put the man to sleep and took one of his ribs and formed a woman.

Think about that word “woman.” The last three letters spell “man” for she was made to complete man. She was his companion. She was a human like him. Without her and he was not complete.

“Oneness” should increase between a husband and wife as they live together and get to know each other intimately. And “oneness” will develop if each follows God’s rules for their behavior. God’s rules work for He made us and knows what will make up complete and happy.

Keep reading these short messages under “marriage” and learn what I learned about a happy home.

Memory Verse: "The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him”" (Genesis 2:18)

Prayer: Great Almighty Lord, I haven’t paid attention to what the Bible tells me I need to know to live successfully in your world. Please forgive me and help me understand what you said about the relationship of a husband and wife. Amen

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