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TOPIC: Clean Inside

Daily Devotions
Why Can't I Do Right?
by Janie Buck
Topic: Clean Inside
Date: 12.03.2004

Is there a good person on earth who never sins? Maybe you can think of a very special person who influenced your life and helped you become successful. It is so disappointing when a public official is caught lying or stealing. Many huge companies have been ruined in the last few years because of corrupt practices of top management. One man gave a new library building to the city and his name is on it. Streets are named after him and an extension campus of the university bears his name. He was honored because of his generosity. Then it was discovered he "cooked the books" of his company.

Every person born since since Adam and Eve has sinned. We all have a sin nature passed on through our father and mother. New parents are often surprised when their child hits a brother or sister and denies they did it. Even babies scream like they are dying, but when picked up and loved they calm down like nothing is wrong. We have to teach our children to tell the truth. An adult who lies is not trusted by anyone.

Why do all people lie, steal, and murder a persons reputation with gossip? Every person has a sin nature, but if one comes to faith in the death of Jesus Christ for their sins, they receive a new nature. Then they have the Lord within who gives power to say no to sin and yes to God's way of living.

Every time the choice is made to say yes to God and do the right thing our new nature is made stronger. Every time we ignore His prompting to not say or do hurtful and wrong things, our old sin nature is strengthened.

Choose the Lord's way of living and you will find the abundant life Jesus came to give all who trust Him.

Memory Verse: "Jesus said, "I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly" (John 10:10)

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for giving us your Son and leaving the Spirit till the work on earth is done. I receive you into my heart with no reservations on my part. Thank you for accepting me as your child and taking care of me eternally. Thank you that you will never leave me or forsake me. I praise you that I am a born again child in your household.

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