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TOPIC: Marriage

Daily Devotions
The Secret of Harmony in the Home
by Janie Buck
Topic: Marriage
Date: 08.04.2005

Is there a way for a family to live in harmony and peace? Yes, there is. One of the important ways is knowing what to do when we offend one another.

Men and women are created to complement and complete each other. Usually the strong and weak points of a couple are appreciate and desired before the honeymoon. A quiet man or woman may be drawn to a “talker.” It doesn’t take long before the strong side or weak side begins to irritate and aggravate. A husband may be fascinated by a wife who talks a lot because he can never think of much to say. But the quiet man soon tires of the “talker” who is never quiet.

The problem is that we are sinners. The qualities we once thought were wonderful drives us crazy. We may keep quiet for a while but nerves can stand only so much before they explodes in rage. Big “discussions” of each other’s offenses make the situation worse. A “pouter” will hold a grudge and stay mad until the other person apologizes.

The basis for forgiveness is that the Lord has forgiven our sin because of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells us to forgive as He has forgiven us. He doesn’t keep a list of our past sins. He forgives and forgets.

When we sin against one another we also sin against the Lord. He listens when we admit what we did was wrong and ask Him to forgive us.

Never forget that the “wages of sin is death.” That is why the Father sent His Son Jesus into the world – to pay the death sentence for all who believe and receive Jesus as their Savior.

When you sin against your husband/wife, be it just losing your temper and saying nasty things, you must ask the Lord to forgive you. And you must ask one another’s forgiveness. It isn’t hard once you first repent before the Lord.

The Lord is always ready to forgive when we admit we are wrong. It isn’t news to Him. He knows, but loves you and will forgive your sins. Then it is easier to forgive one another.

If an offense comes back to mind, say out loud, “I have forgiven that and if there is correction to be made, I’ll trust the Lord to handle it in my husband/wife life.” If it keeps coming to mind, keep praying and thanking the Lord for forgiving all your sins and your mates.

Memory Verse: "If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven" (John 20:23)

Prayer: Father, forgive me for holding grudges and bringing up past grievances. Thank you that you don’t treat me that way. I ask for help to forgive like you do. Thanks you that the blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin. Amen

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